is battery for laptops restored to 8 hours in Mountain Lion for users running the 8.2 update?

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Hi all, I relise this is a subjective question and will possibly get mixed answers positive and negative. However, I thought I'd go ahead and ask. Basically, when Mountain Lion came out, there were lots of people with Mac laptops moaning about the reduce battery they would get on a full charge. in Lion v7.4 one could get consistent 8 hours out of it where as in the original version of Mountain Lion this was reduced quite a bit. Well since then Apple has come out with a couple of updates for ML users and the latest 8.2 I was wondering for those who have laptops, do you find that your battery life has been restored to as it was in Lion 7.4? Or maybe the battery lasts longer but not quite as long as you hope it would. I myself Have noticed an improvement in V8.1 but I'm not sure about 8.2 So any feedback is most welcome. Thank you for reading this post. Daniel