Basic Audio Editing on the Mac

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Hi, sorry if this is a forum clutter post and has already been discussed before. I'm looking for some basic audio editing tips on the Mac side, namely for merging/splitting files and making iPhone ringtones. I've played with Amadeus Pro a bit, but can't seem to figure it out, as well as garage Band. Do these programs just take a bit of time and then they make sense? Any help from the people who do awesome podcast editing would be greatly appreciated. Just one more thing I can bring over. Windk Chelsea



Submitted by robin24 on Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hey Chelsea! To be honest, I've spent some time with Amadeus myself and never really seemed to like it. So, I mainly use Garage Band and another program called Sound Studio, which can be purchased from the App Store. If you like, we could have a Skype session and I'll get you started! :-) Robin

Hello Robin, What do you like better about Sound Studio over Amadeus Pro? I'm also trying to get my head around audio editing on the Mac. I think my biggest issue is that you can place more than two markers in a file and the area between those markers is not automatically selected like it is in Goldwave. Regards, Darrell

Submitted by Walei on Sunday, December 2, 2012

I'm also interested in hearing more about Sound Studio. How accessible is it? How's it's editing capabilities compared to GarageBand? I know GarageBand pretty well but it's editing can be buggy and frustrating at times.

Submitted by John W. hess on Monday, December 3, 2012

Good day to you all. Audacity is free, quite powerful and now completely accessible to the mac. give it a try. I've used Amadeus pro and the developer has done a wonderful job making it accessible but prefer Audacity for what I do.

Submitted by robin24 on Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hello all! Well, honestly I find it quite hard to really say whether Amadeus Pro or Sound Studio is the better audio editor. When I played with Amadeus, I kept having weird issues where program-specific keystrokes wouldn't work, e.g. placing markers and such. I've heard in many places that Amadeus requires the user to disable Voice Over's cursor tracking to function properly, but I never really got the hang of doing that and still properly being able to use the software. In Sound Studio, I've noticed that most things work pretty smoothly. However, I do need to point out that at this time, I don't have to do lots of audio cutting and such. The main purpose I use Sound Studio for at this time is for tweaking certain things about music mixes that were recorded from my DJ mixer. This means I need to do things like normalizing, applying gain to increase the volume or tweaking equalizers. Sound Studio is great for those things and also very effective in my opinion, so it's what I'm sticking with for the time being. However, I did use it for actually cutting and inserting sound a few times, which I was able to accomplish without much trouble. So yeah, I definitely think it's a great program, it definitely is my personal favorite right now! John, thank you very much for mentioning Audacity accessibility! I wasn't aware that this is accessible on the Mac by now, and will definitely give it a try! Robin

Hi, Personnally, In the field of Cutting files, I've tried Fission from Rogueamoeba Software. I'm comming from Windows and I've found it similar to my beloved MP3DirectCut. You can scroll with arrow keys through the file then place marker and split points. But, I'm definetely not an audio guru, I only use it to make ringtones for my iPhone.