Backing up a MacBook Air for latest software update

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It has just come up on my MacBook Air that the latest software update is some sort of update that checks your flashdisk. Apparently Apple have found that a small percentage of the Flashdisks have a problem that could result in them having data loss. this update checks your flashdisk and installs any firmware to fix it if needed. That's what I gathered anyway from the description. When I go to install it it mensions that I need to backup my flashdisk to an external drive before installing the update. I don't have an external drive that has enough memory to do a full backup. So is there a way to put a backup on to iCloud or Google drive? If so how could I do this? Thanks for any help



Submitted by Daniel on Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hi, I can't answer your question in what methods would be best. With the exception of purchasing an external hard drive and moving things that are important to you over to that before you do the update. However, I just wanted to add another cloud storage that you may or may not know about to your list. It is dropbox. I use it between Mac and Windows and for me, it works like a charm! :) Hoping that you'll find your backup solution and for others who can give you more of a detailed answer in what's the best way of going through the backup process for you.

Submitted by Callum on Sunday, October 20, 2013

Yes, Dropbox can be used aswell. Forgot to mension that