Authentication is not responding

macOS and Mac Apps

This is totally random and I can't figure out how to trigger it, but sometimes, if I let my Mac auto-lock after like 5 minutes, VoiceOver gets stuck in an endless loop of, "Authentication is not responding." Then "Authentication, authentication window." Over and over until I press a key or do something. Is there a way to stop this?



Submitted by Paul on Monday, December 20, 2021

The steps you already take are exactly what you need to do to break VoiceOver out of that loop. I believe this is related to a known issue where VoiceOver will sometimes play that “not responding” message in situations when VoiceOver would normally be silent.

Submitted by Cobbler on Monday, December 20, 2021

I'm occasionally seeing this too on my M1 MacBook Air.

Like the previous reply, I suspect that this is a variant of the “app not responding” interruptions.

Imagine the reaction if sighted Mac users had to frequently contend with apps becoming unresponsive for anything up to 10 seconds. My guess is that a resolution would have been much faster coming than it has been here.

Submitted by HEXAGON on Monday, December 20, 2021

Since macOs Monterey I have exactly the same problem. Unfortunately, since Monterey many programs and system components, including very prominently Safari, often behave very sluggishly and often do not respond for several seconds to minutes, but only for VoiceOver users. Especially with the authentication dialog, this is very annoying, especially if you don't have an Apple Watch that unlocks the Mac without further ado.
My device: MacBook Air M1, 2020