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NEW RELEASE: AudioSpeed racing, the new audio game from TiconBlu is now available in English for PC and Mac.

This audio game is rich of contents and has great playability, ensuring fun for many hours.

You can also enjoy the interview Ivan Venturi, founder of TiconBlu, just gave to AppleVis, the popular web site dedicated to unsighted Apple users.

As usual, we worked very hard on the game accessibility. To do that we have asked to a big fan and friend of us, Davide Cantoni, who is unsighted. Davide started testing AudioSpeed since the very first version, and gave us a big deal of information and feedback, which helped us significantly improving it.

Fly your starship on the assigned route at the highest possible speed and beating your opponents! Orbits of steel… Maximum power to the jet engines… Anti-gravity systems functioning at 100%... The crushing pressure of the hyperspeed!
Let the audio sensors guide you and follow the indications from your robo-navigator. Go full throttle! Avoid collisions with your opponents’ starships! But overtake them all and be the first to cross the line – whatever it takes!
7 different orbital tracks: 7 different challenges against through odd gravity force fields and deformations of space and matter.
Race your starship through the galaxy with AUDIOSPEED!

You can choose between 2 modes: SINGLE RACE and TOURNAMENT.
In SINGLE RACE mode, you can pick your favorite track among the first 5 and do one race on it. The last 2 tracks are available in TOURNAMENT mode only.
Once entered the TOURNAMENT mode you can select the starship of your choice, differing in ACCELARATION, SPEED, MANOEUVRABILITY, ARMOR, ROBO-NAVIGATOR.
Then the race begins on the first track, ANDROMEDA. You need to complete the assigned amount of laps and cross the line within the maximum time allowed. If you fail, you are out of the tournament.
If you make it you can move to the next track, ALPHA CENTAURI. Then com VEGA, MIZAR, AQUARIUS. Finally DRACO and HYDRA.
Only the champions of AUDIOSPEED RACING will be on the final podium!
AUDIO SENSORS: indicate the trend of the curves in the track.
SIDE SENSORS: indicate how close you get to the left or right border of the track, beeping on a frequency that is proportional to the distance (the closer the distance, the higher the frequency).
SUPERBOOSTERS: additional jet engines for an immediate speed increase.
AUDIBLE SCENARIOS: every track is built using the 3 dimensions, there are several points in each one of them, like tunnels or nebulous areas, with their own audible scenario. Plus other spots where the audio can be deformed. And more…
ROBO-NAVIGATOR: your trustworthy escort for the race. Its feedback can be more or less quick in communicating to you where the track is going. More advanced models can even help piloting the ship.
ACCELERATION: indicates the time needed by the ship to reach the maximum speed.
SPEED: maximum speed the ship can reach.
MANOEUVRABILITY: how easy is to control the ship, how long the ship takes to reroute.
ARMOR: indicates how strong the ship is with it collides with the borders of the track. Or with your opponents. When the armor becomes too damaged, in case of collision with the border, the ship will explode! And the race is over.

Both on PC and Mac you can interact both with the ARROW keys and with a USB joystick or a USB steering wheel. The joystick and the steering wheel are definitely more precise and exciting!
You can move sideways using the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW keys, or with the lateral movement of the joystick. The UP arrow increases the speed, the DOWN arrow decreases it. You can activate the SUPERBOOSTERS pressing the SPACE key or the joystick button, providing an instantaneous acceleration and a vertiginous increase of speed.

PRICE: 19,90€

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