Audio Rally Racing - New demo

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Hello again everybody!

A bit late, but we have a new version of the demo ready for you to download, including a lot of news and additions compared to the previous one. See yourself what's in:
- much easier to play
- audio scenarios have been greatly improved
- we have added the game menus, the audio instructions and the score system
- tracks now include jumps, uphill roads and slopes, holes and mud terrain
- we are still using text-to-speech, meaning the computer-generated voice; for the final version we are confident we will be able to add a true human voice!
- last but not least, a lot of bugs have been fixed, plus we have improved several features that were already included

Click to request the new demo:

Please spread the word, the more will join the better for this project :-)

Stay tuned! And


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Submitted by mario_hardrock on Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hi TiconBlu.

great news!
the demo is excellent.
this is gonna be the best audio racing game.
I played the demo, and I loved it.
I am waiting for the final version.