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I'd like to introduce a newly released game which runs on MacOS X. Sorry if I'm missing templates or rules about the topic location; I'm new here.
Are you being forced to stay home due to the COVID-19 crisis? Are you looking for something enjoyable with your sighted family / friends?
Gift Ten industry presents the early access version of a new universally-designed audio game: Audio party pack!
This game features three challenging minigames which can be played with audio and visuals. Cooperate or compete with your sighted peers and have fun.
- This is an early access version and it's open for feedbacks.
- The early access version is completely free.
- The game is downloadable on Steam.
- Supported languages are Japanese, English and Chinese.
- Windows and MacOS X are supported.
- This game does not support online play.
Here is the overview of each game quoted from the steam page:
GIRIGIRI HARVEST: Pay close attention to each sound as you compete for the highest score!
Pulling turnips from the field will earn you points, however some of the turnips are actually Screaming Mandrakes. Different Mandrakes have different sounds.
If you hear the same Mandrake scream three times, you will score zero points for the round.
Players should listen closely to each other and keep moving forward until the very last minute to collect more points!
It’s a simple but surprisingly exciting game.
BURUBURU SHELL: Work together to choose the same themed sound!
According to the question, choose a sound that you think is easy to convey, such “sounds like…“, or “feels like…“. If the other player can then guess the same sound, the stage is cleared!
Work together to get all the questions right!
DOKIDOKI SUBMARINE: Avoid obstacles, find enemies, fire torpedoes!
Players are divided into two roles: A “Sonar player” who uses sound to search for enemies and obstacles, and a “Pilot player” who steers the submarine and fires/detonates torpedoes. Work together to clear the stage.
The Sonar player puts a speaker to his or her ear and tells the pilot the location of an enemy or obstacle.
Using information from the Sonar player, the Pilot fires a torpedo and detonates it directly over the enemy!
Read the details and download the game at:



Submitted by ming on Sunday, May 17, 2020

hey! I dohn't know how voice over's working on steam in Mac.
but, NVDA on windows version of steam is difficult to download the games.
and steam is not accessible for screen reader with windows OS

Submitted by ming on Monday, May 18, 2020

will try to download or update the latest steam.
and see how it works.