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Hi all,
This is a revised message I sent Rogueamoeba about this issue I'm having. I submitted two podcasts to applevis recently, both of which had volume issues as a result of this problem. Perhaps maybe some of you can shed some light on this issue, because the last thing I want to do is mess with SoundFlower as this stuff should be relatively simple to do. If someone can give instructions on how to do this with SoundFLower though, I'm all ears. Every time I mess with it I somehow end up with no speech in the middle of my experimentation.
I'm posting because I am trying to figure out an effective, easy way to record my voice and app audio at once. The most effective and easy solution is to use your Line In utility and pass everything through my headset and record system audio. It appears when I do that I have a volume issue however, and I am not sure why because the mic level in system preferences is at 100 percent, yet it remains low.
In contrast, when I used the VoiceOver effect to record, my microphone volume is much better, however I could not get the application audio to record with it. The microphone volume sounded low when recording as it does echo back to me, but when I heard it in the recording it was pretty good. The way that I can access the effects area with VoiceOver is to route the VO mouse to the empty scroll area that VOiceOver sees for the effects and click on it. It comes up with the menu and I go to VoiceOver and the dialogue is fine, but when I tried to use it on the System audio, the VOiceOver screen reader muted itself when I pressed start in that dialogue and I can't have that. I figured that maybe i could pass the audio through with Line In and then start it, but the same thing happened.
So, should I create the application session and then use the VOiceOver effect? I tried doing that too and only the microphone was recorded. Then I tried the Application Mixer thinking that I could use that for the app and somehow hijack the Microphone, but I gathered that's for hijacking multiple apps only.
Again, thanks for all the help. The last thing I want to do is mess with SoundFlower, because that's more work than any of this. Create about three-four SOundFlower sessions, route these outputs here, etc.

Has anyone found an effective way to do this, even with SoundFlower? And if my voice isn't Audible enough in the recording, how can I mess with both the app audio volume and my voice volume until they're adequate?
Thank you everyone! The faster I can get this fixed, the sooner I can review these two games (Hint: a third game by them is coming on Monday...)
I also want to review other things as well that not many others have done.



Submitted by Mike Malarsie on Saturday, July 5, 2014

You're working way too hard if you're trying to use Sound Flower. I've got the easy way to do this and I know it works because I literally just did it.
All you need to do is start Audio Hijack Pro recording your system audio. Then open something like Garage Band or even Quicktime and turn monitoring on so you can hear your own voice.
As soon as thats on your recording will be picking up your voice and your system audio. All you'll need to do is trim off the beginning when your first turning everything on and you're good to go.
I know a few people who say this doesn't work but it works every single time for me and once you lower the VO volume there will be no issues with overpowering your voice.
If you have more questions or problems just holler.