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Ever wanted to play games like Crazy Party, Swamp, and Undead Assault without the lag of running in a vm, or having to reboot into bootcamp? Now you can with audiogame-manager. Audiogame-manager makes it possible using wine and other utilities to automate installing and launching games. This will require using the terminal. You can find the installation instructions, and a list of working games Here This list is being updated and there are new games added from time to time after testing that they work correctly. For support you can post on the forum post here and we'll try to assist.



Submitted by mjonsson1986 on Thursday, December 9, 2021

sorry for bring up this topic again.
you realy dont want to use this on m1 macbook air
yes it can be done
but near all games lags
e.g manamon series: take a few minutes to load
paladin of the sky: works if you have patience
stw: no no and no!
the gate: dont know after waiting a half minute i canceld the app

Submitted by dog on Thursday, December 9, 2021

Wonder if "Talon Voice" might be a better choice to play using your voice.

Talon allows you to control your computer using your voice. It's very useful and constantly updated. Also, uses less resources than macOS Voice Control.
Price: Free

There is a closed beta, it has even more constant updates.

Submitted by dog on Friday, December 10, 2021

The Talon app translates voice commands into actions.
For example you can say in a game words like "left", "right", "kick" to move left, right, then kick.