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Hi all,
I'm currently working on my podcast project for this year.
In Windows, I used to use Sound forge, which was a fantastic piece of software and I loved using it. I have seen it's also available for Mac. However, the £250 price tag is something that had made me double check whether I should purchase it.
So, first question, is it as accessible as it used to be a few years ago?
Question 2: Are there any better audio editors for Mac that are more affordable but still provide similar or the same features?



Submitted by Marco on Sunday, January 3, 2021

Hi Hubert!

I'd look at either Reaper, especially with the Reaper Accessibility community backing, or at Amadeus Pro. The former is cross-platform and requires an extra plugin to be installed to become accessible. But it is a true powerhouse, multi-track, audio and midi, and mixed if you want to, with all sorts of capabilities.

Amadeus Pro is a native Mac app that is also multi-track, and very powerful in its own right, but focuses on audio editing and Mac compatibility. I found that, for podcast projects, it serves me better than Reaper does, because it is focused on audio editing, and doing a darn good job at that.

if you need help with getting started with Amadeus Pro, I recommend that you also look at purchasing Jonathan Mosen's audio tutorial. Even though it is six years old, Amadeus Pro hasn't changed that much since then so the stuff Jonathan teaches is all still very relevant.

Hope this helps!

Submitted by Marco on Sunday, January 3, 2021

I have no experience whatsoever with the light version, and everybody I heard or read about, or talked to, had got the pro version. The tutorial also talks specifically about the pro version. And especially with podcast projects, I think you'll want the pro version anyway.

Submitted by Christopher Duffley on Sunday, January 3, 2021

I'm pleased to say that Reaper is great with both Windows and Mac when used with Osara and another plugin or so, however, it may be slightly on the complicated side but can more than definitely get the job done. You can find out about how to implement accessibility in Reaper from a great Wiki at this site.

What I prefer using, however, is Logic Pro X, straight from Apple, and it's very accessible. I've used it many times for my podcasting work as I'm also a part-time musician and podcaster myself. You can get the trial version of it here and you can see how it is for yourself before purchasing it for $200 if you're interested. There are also several resources for Logic Pro for blind users like their Google Group and WhatsApp group, both of which I'm in.

Hope this helps!