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Hi all. If anyone has audible, have you recently found the site nearly impossible to use? Even the "acess site", is deplorable. Once I'm signed in, I'll search for a narrator's name. I then select new releases. If I can get that far, i'm lucky. Safari says "busy", even on the moible site. I've put my membership on hold for a little bit. Even trying to cancel I have to use the iPhone. I'm also annoyed, they have eight books in a series, didn't contract for the new one, because it's under a different publisher. I figure I'll give it three months, then cancel. Thanks for any help.



Submitted by dvdmth on Tuesday, January 16, 2018

I just went to Audible on my 2012 Mac Mini, and the site came up just fine with no issues. Safari was never busy, and each page only took a couple of seconds to load. I successfully searched for, found, and purchased an audiobook. This was done from the regular home page, not the access version or the mobile site.

I do have an ad blocker installed on my Mac, which makes web surfing much easier, as a number of websites are overly aggressive with advertising, causing headaches for screen readers. If you do not have an ad blocker on your Mac, I would highly recommend getting one. This may not solve your issue with Audible, but then again it might.

As for your problem with a book not being available from Audible because it was from a different publisher, that is unfortunately par for the course. I have done a few series in the past where one or more of the books in the series were unavailable for one reason or another. In one case I was able to use BARD to fill in the gaps, and in another case an audiobook version of the missing book was released some months later, so there may be ways to overcome it. That said, there are many books out there which are simply not available in audio form, so there’s a good chance you may encounter other books you want but won’t be available.