with safari on mac, some pointers?

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I've just come across a boatload of content containing one of my favorite news anchors, the only problem is it's on, and I can only seem to get it to play 1 minute at a time. My question is, does anyone have any pointers navigating content, videos, audio, etc. with safari and voiceover? Or better yet, is there a software that's accessible with voiceover so I can download this content? If it can't be downloaded, I'd at least like to play it more than one minute at a time so I can capture it with audiohijack and not have to babysit it and click click click it every minute. For a 30 minute recording, I'll be doing an awful lot of clicking.
I'm new at using, so also any general pointers in regards to voiceover accessibility with with safari on the mac would be great. I'm using a macbook pro with catalina, if that's any help.



Submitted by OmniverseAgent on Tuesday, December 7, 2021

First off, hi! Have I finally found another 20 something year old on here? Ha ha anyways yes I enjoy reading a lot of stories on archive of our own as well.

I could never get the hang of using my computer, so instead I use my iPhone/iPad and it seems to work a lot easier for me. I can feel Around the screen and once I’ve memorized the layout it’s a lot easier to skip over the info I don’t need. Then once I’m at the beginning of a chapter, all I do is a two finger swipe down to start the auto reading mode and let it go until the end of the chapter when I pause it!

I would definitely give it a shot if you enjoy reading a lot of stuff on there. Would you mind if I asked what story you’re reading? Right now I’m still stuck on a lot of undertale stuff… I can’t help it OK? Anyways hope to hear back from you soon! Happy reading.

Submitted by Moopie Curran on Tuesday, December 7, 2021

I'm not reading anything, these are videos of a show called Inside Washington, and also newscasts containing one of my favorite newspeople. And I'm so frustrated, because I can only watch one minute at a time!!!! :( I'll have to try it on a mobile device though, maybe I can watch that way, I might still have to click like mad, but it might be more consistent. Here's hoping, lol.


Submitted by dog on Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Tried signing up for a free account at Internet Archive?
You might be able to borrow the whole article.

There’s an app called Downie 4. I will check if it can download the whole file and get back to you.

Submitted by dog on Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Hi again, just saw a video of the "Inside Washington" show, and you are right, I can only play one minute at at time!

I tried the Downie app and it can download files... one file at a time...

Not the best solution, but you can download the video using Downie app,
then merge the videos using Permute app.

It's a chore, but it works for now.

Submitted by Moopie Curran on Tuesday, December 7, 2021

It feels like Christmas has come early, I downloaded Downie, and it works. Yes, I have to merge the files together, but downie lets me select all of the files in that video to download at once. And permute, (from the makers of Downie), has a file stitching feature, so it makes it easier. I know, I'm such a geek, lol.
But thank you for the recommendation of Downie.

Submitted by dog on Tuesday, December 7, 2021


Yes, Downie plus Permute is awesome.

Glad to know if worked.