Apps not responding!

macOS and Mac Apps

I have the latest MacOS installed. Lots of apps are not responding when I do basic tasks. This includes Chrome and Safari browsers most frequently, Finder occasionally, Pages and some others I forgot.
Is this related to my Mac Air getting old or some others can confirm they are having same issues with their newer macs?



Submitted by Cobbler on Saturday, January 15, 2022

“AppName not responding” is the latest iteration of the “busy, busy, busy” that all VoiceOver users on Mac know and love.

It's nothing to do with your Mac, as many of us see the same on M1 Apple Silicon.

My own experience is that it's probably as bad now as it's been for the 10 years that I've been using a Mac. There are multiple times daily when I want to throw my Mac at the nearest wall. In fact, this issue alone is enough for me to not recommend a Mac to anybody who would use it with VoiceOver.

Being frank, the behavior stinks... as does Apple's apparent disinterest in resolving it.

Submitted by Maldalain on Sunday, January 16, 2022

Is there anything to be done to make it less frequent? I was thinking of upgrading to the latest M1 macs and now I have to reconsider my choices. Maybr a better investment might be in a Windows 11 machine.