Apple Scripting menu extras access

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I am slowly teaching myself Apple Scripting and so far it has been fairly straight forward. I'm struggling, however, in being able to access the menu extras menu bar. I can get the menu bar with the Apple menu and File menu and such but as soon as I try to access past the index of menu bar item "Help" of menu bar 1, it says invalid index. It also says invalid index if I try to access menu bar 2, so I'm not sure how to get to the menu extras menu bar? I found a script that accesses the bluetooth menu by scanning for a matching menu description and assigning it to a variable but why can't I just access it directly like with the left side of the menu bar? The script somehow scans menu bar 1 until menu bar item with description "bluetooth" is found, but how is that possible since the last menu bar item on menu bar 1 appears to be the "Help" menu bar item? Just slightly confused lol. Any feedback would be great.