Apple Music with Monterey 12.2

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Hi all,
Apple released Monterey 12.2 yesterday. Normally, the music app should have a new AppKit-based interface provided by JET Technology for former Web content areas but on my M1 MacBook Air, I only have the old-fashioned WebKit version. Does anyone of you have the new AppKit-based version of the music app?




Submitted by The Blind Saddler on Thursday, January 27, 2022

I've literally just finished updating on my M1 MacBook Pro and can see the change to music straight away - its infinitely more navigable - are you sure the update was successful?

Submitted by HEXAGON on Monday, January 31, 2022

That sounds interesting. Does VoiceOver say "Collection" instead of web content when you select "Listen now" in the sidebar? For me, VO keeps saying "web content". And yes, I instaled the update successfully, Build 21D49, Music app version