Any accessible MS Office app for Mac

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As the topic says. My friend's now asking for it, and of course, I'd like to know more too. It seems that there hasn't been any direct post yet. Thanks.



Submitted by Guest on Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A point to be added is that MS Office files should be editable on it. OpenOffice can read them, right?

Try iText Express. I will admit that I've only had a little experience with this app, but I've seen it mentioned by other visually impaired folks as an accessible text editing app for the Mac. Furthermore from what I remember it can handle most all of the standard text editing formats out there MS included. It is a free download from the Mac app store. Hope this helps, Greg

Hello Jasmine, accessible word processing apps are certainly not a strong area of the MAC. Apple Pages and Nisus Writer are both accessible to some degree and they both handle MS Office file formats. It all depends on how advanced the documents are in terms of word processing features. If you (or your friend) don't need to mess with things like tables, footnotes endnotes or any advanced formatting you'll get by with one of the apps mentioned above. However, in case you really have to take advantage of features like revisions and comments, my suggestion would be to invest in a virtualization software like VM Ware Fusion and do the work on a PC with free software like NVDA and IBM Lotus Symphony or even MS Word itself. Hope this helps, Roland