Amadeus Pro shortcut help

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Hello all,

I am a new Mac adoptee as of this past Christmas. I'm liking it a lot so far, but I have a question which might be a bug. I'm looking to do a bit of audio editing like taking a long multi hour recording, like an audiobook, and splitting it up into chapters. A friend said I should check out Amadeus Pro. I currently have the free 30 day trial and will see if it meets my needs. I come from windows where I could do this kind of thing relatively easily in gold wave; although rather slowly. I have found Amadeus Pro and other audio related tools to be very speedy compared to comparable windows programs even in bootcamp.

I have auto generated markers in Amadeus pro based off of silence. My question is, how do I jump between those markers. The manual says option + left/right arrows will do this. This does not seem to work. It just seems to jump forward or backward normally as if I was just pressing left and right by themselves. I can see the markers in the markers window fine but the keyboard shortcuts aren't jumping to them.

Any help would be appreciated.