ALT+Mouseclick on the Mac with VO

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Hi guys,

I was just wondering how to enter the Menu for different audio outputs using VO on the Mac. Sighted people just click while holding the Alt-Key onto the audio symbol in the extras menu which than doesn't just show the fader for volume but also shows input and output devices to choose from.

I know I can change those settings in the system settings but I am wondering if there is a quick way or any way basically to get to those types of menu where you have to hold down the Alt-Key in conjunction with a mouse click.

Thanks and greetings from Germany



Submitted by Seanoevil on Saturday, June 8, 2019

Hi Dennis,

To access Menu Extras on the Mac, use the key combination VO plus MM. That is , the VO keys, plus the M key twice.

Once focussed on the Menu Extras, You can navigate with the VO plus Arrow Keys to Volume. VO plus Spacebar will open the Volume Menu and give you access to route audio to any and all available options.

Hope this helps.


Thanks it seems like Apple has improved that Menu. However I just double-checked. When you do the sighted way you get more options. In this case not only the outputs are shown but also the imputs. So maybe there is another way to get the exact result.

Submitted by chris R on Saturday, June 8, 2019

If you have a mouse or Trackpad then it is easy to option click on the menu with VoiceOver.
1. Navigate to the menu after pressing VO-M twice.
2. Ensure that the mouse pointer is on the VO cursor by pressing control-option-command-F5.
3. Click the mouse/trackpad while holding down the option key.
This Will show you the expanded menu. It did for me anyway on macOS High Sierra, MacBook Air 2017. I don't know of a way of doing it without using a physical mouse/trackpad although I suppose you could simulate one with a keyboard utility.