alternative to Seil for keyboard mapping in Sierra

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I often run Windows on my Mac via VMWare Fusion, and when I do, I use JAWS. I have been using Seil and Karabiner to remap the caps lock key on my Mac laptop keyboard to an Insert key when I use Windows for several years. Sierra has broken Seil, and from what I can gather from Google, it sounds like it may not be fixed for quite a while. Does anyone know of another way to remap the caps lock key? I want to remap it to an Applications key and then use sharpKeys in Windows to make it function as a caps lock key in Windows so I can use JAWS effectively. Or alternatively, is there a way to tell VMWARE Fusion to treat the caps lock key as a Windows caps lock key? Thanks so much for any help.



Thanks, David. I've read the guide. It seems to require you to map the Insert key to a key other than Caps Lock. Is that correct? Is there a way to use the Caps Lock key instead of the accent key?