Alternative music players for mac (preferably library based) that can handle 500000 plus files

macOS and Mac Apps

Is there an alternative music player for mac, other than itunes (earlier mac versions), or music (current mac version)? Here are my pre-requisites, I'm picky, lol. 1. Must be able to handle upwards of 500000 songs and growing (I have a large library on an external hard drive which contains audio files that are TV, radio, and movies, hence the large numbers). 2. Must be able to play files from an external drive. 3. Must take a reasonable (preferably under 10 minutes) amount of time to load and start playing. I've tried VLC, but for starters, it's folder based, and also when I create a .m3u playlist of the files, it takes at least an hour to load before it even starts playing. 4. Must be able to shuffle files (a definite must, lol). 5. I'd like to be able to control the player's volume independently of the system volume. I've tried Fidelia, and really like it, except the volume control doesn't seem to be accessible. If anyone can give me any recommendations for an app that will at least partially fit what I'm looking for, that would be great, as I'm so sick of hearing itunes busy busy busy busy busy constantly, lol.