Albums in iTunes 12.3 are greyed out )or dimmed as read by VO)

macOS and Mac Apps

Yesterday I reinstalled OS X 10.11 (fresh install) because I was having a multitude of issues. I imported my iTunes library from a copy I had an external drive. Now my Albums are dimmed or greyed out. The issue becomes stranger: I can go into the album grid and all 200 albums are greyed out, then I can exit the grid, reenter and some percentage will show. Sometimes I can access a few and other times I can access the first 84 albums. I have spent hours trying to figure this out, but I can never access anything more than 84 of my albums.
I checked my backup and the physical files for the missing albums are there. I have even tried multiple imports. I have deleted the contents of my Music folder and started over, same results. I can sync all 200 albums to my iPhone and all of the albums show up if I choose to manage my music manually.
I am half tempted to do another fresh install of OS X and import my library after "Lion" installs and then upgrade to 10.11. Any suggests?
Thanks in advance.