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Until now I've never been able to get airdrop to work between my iphone and Mac and thought it was because one or other or both of them were too old. But now I've got an iphone SE 2 and seem to have made some progress because, having just airdropped a video from my phone to the Mac, the said "one percent converting" and in the Finder on Mac it said, for a while, "one item". But I don't know whether the item has arrived because I can't find any list of files in the Finder, though there's an area which VO says "icon view dimmed ccollection". So I don't know if/how I can get at the file. It won't allow me to change the view to something other than icon. Also, now, instead of saying "one item" it says "zero items". Perhaps the file hasn't arrived yet because it's pretty large. Please can anyone tell me how I'll know when the file has arrived and how I get at it?



Submitted by Squirrel on Thursday, February 4, 2021

Check your Downloads folder, as this is where AirDrop files are automatically placed on the Mac.

Submitted by wheelysneakycat on Thursday, February 4, 2021

Thanks. I've now come to the conclusion airdrop still isn't working/they can't see each other. Because there's nothing added in the downloads folder and when I just went to the phone t o try again it had the Mac visible but when I tapped it, it briefly said "selected" but then that there were no nearby airdrop recipients. I have bluetooth and wifi on both devices and gone through all steps I c an find to set it up. I guess it just won't work here for some reason.

Submitted by Squirrel on Thursday, February 4, 2021

It sounds like you have probably already read this page or one like it; but, if not, here's Apple's support page for using AirDrop on the Mac

Assuming that you have a Mac newer than 2012 and a recent OS, you should be good to go.

One quick and easy way of testing the connection between your iPhone and Mac is to open a web page in Safari; and then use the share sheet to AirDrop this to your Mac. If all is good, that web page should open on your Mac.

Submitted by wheelysneakycat on Thursday, February 4, 2021


Ah thanks for the idea to try sharing from safari on my phone to the Mac. That worked straight away. So I'm baffled! Perhaps I'll try a photo which would be a smaller file...

If not I guess I try sharing the video when connecting the two with a cable - I think that can be done with the Mac's Photos app and/or Dropbox, not sure which it is. I have dropbox set to automatically upload photos/videos, which is why I haven't so far transferred anything with the cable, but it seems like the dropbox uploading isn't working or is stuck. I tried to solve that problem but didn't succeed which is how I ended up exploring the airdrop rabbithole again.

So near yet so far!

My iphone is running the latest ios and my Macbook is from 2012 and only running sierra which think should be ok...

Thanks :-)