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Relatively speaking, I'm fairly new to the Apple world, but after having an iPhone for just under a year, I'm hooked. I'm currently in the market for a new laptop and going to make the switch from a PC to Mac. (Heavily leaning towards a Mac Book Pro.) My question has to do with WWDC coming up in a few weeks. There is talk of possible upgrades to the laptop lines. Does anyone have advice/suggestions as far as if I'd be better off to wait a few weeks to see what happens? I'm extremely anxious to replace my laptop because its on its last leg. I know with any of the conventions comes a lot of speculations and rumors so didn't know if it would be advantageous to even try to hold out until afterwards. Thank you in advance for any feedback!



Submitted by Tree on Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I would recommend waiting if you can. There is a new chip set that has just been announced and the speculation is that it will be in the next Apple laptops. I don't know anything about chips but this new intel model is supposed to be really great for laptops and ultra books because it can deliver lots of power without using lots. Whats more is Apple products normally stay around the same price when they are updated, so waiting can only be a good thing. Either way I think you will not regret your decision of moving to the Mac. Let me say congratulations and that its great to have another mac user. I moved over, in part, because of my experience with the phone as well. As awesome as the phone is I love my mac even more. Hope this helps.

Submitted by Lola Granola on Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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Tree, thanks so much for the response. I was wondering if the price would increase with a newer/better chip. Thank you for answering that as well. I was going to go out and buy one this morning, but I'll try and wait. Its only a few more weeks... My new mantra. Lol I'm sure once I finally have one I'll have all manner of questions. Thanks again! :)

Submitted by Siobhan on Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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Hi. I was joking in the subject line. Seriously though I'm not always sure the prices will stay the same, I think that when the retina displays came out they are a couple of hundred more then their other friends. Also I don't know where you want to buy the Mac, but if you want to try online i suggest either, or I think bEst buy sells them as well, I'm just offering these in case you didn't want to pay taxes. I live in a 6.25% state. Whatever you do I'm slightly jealous. There's nothing like that opening ofit for the first itme. Here's a tip, instead of an adapter that plugs in to charge, it has a magnet. When you open the Mac, there's a tiny piece of plastic shielding the tip fo the adapter. It doesn't look like it wants to come off but it will. Good luck. :)

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I'm not saying its anyone's fault but everyone who has a mac seems to love it, i would to if i was able to use it. I don't know what i'm doing wrong but not all my commands work. I have tried the tutorial on the mac and the quick guide, i have also listenedto David's podcasts but i couldn't follow along because of this problem. So please can anyone help me enjoy my mac. Thank you

Siobhan, thanks for the tip on the sites to purchase the laptop from! I didn't even give that a thought, and I live in an area that has close to 9% tax. Its taking everything I have not to run out and buy it today. I needs my precious! lol Thanks also for the heads up on removing the plastic shield as well. Chris, my laptop that's on its last leg is also a Windows 7 64 bit system. For me, after having my phone/iPod, there wasn't even a question as to what I wanted as far as a replacement went. Thank you for your input! :)