adobe, are the apps accessible?

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Hello. I'm taking a class in college that uses adobe apps like photoshop, illustrator, aftereffects and more. My I have some questions. First, can a totally blind person use these apps? I don't care if its in mac or windows. Are these apps accessible, and be used by a totally blind person? Thanks for any help. So far, my testing of photoshop... Its not accessible for a blind person at all from what I can tell.
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Submitted by Pyro2790 on Thursday, September 13, 2018

The short answer is no they are not accessible. some of the apps are usable with assistive technology programs and some of the functions can be accessed using mouse emulation, but in general Adobe software is not accessible.
I remember looking at an Adobe PDF reader app an Apple vis user posted about on a previous thread and the only usability was that the buttons were labeled. PDF's could not be read with VoiceOver making the app completely useless. Perhaps other users have tips on how to make Adobe software usable, but I would not call any of the software or applications accessible.

hat makes this situation even stickier is that adoby is mostly used for photos... and that for screenreaders and blind people, is a no for sure