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Hey guys, I'm trying to add an app to the iOS app directory using my Mac and am wanting to copy and paste the app description rather than typing it in, but I can't figure out how to select the text. I have iTunes open and have the app I want, but whenever I interact with the text of the app description, nothing happens when I press shift and any arrow keys. Is it possible to copy and paste that text? Thanks for any help. Callum.



Submitted by Dave Nason on Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team
Hi. In my experience you're better off finding the app on the web rather than in the Store in iTunes. If you Google the name of the app and you'll usually get it. eg. Google "Downcast" and the first result will take you to it on the web where you can copy the text no problem. HTH

HI the way I usually do it is to search for the app in itunes, and interact with the group. I then go to the actions button and select copy link go to safari and paste the link in to the address window I then go to heading level 4 and copy the description. hope this helps.