Adding and removing apps and programs from dock and desktop

macOS and Mac Apps
Ok so I have been having some issues adding and removing programs and apps to the desktop and dock on my Macbook Pro. I can get programs on the desktop by copying and pasting but I can't get anything on to the dock. I can get apps and programs off of the dock by right clicking but this doesn't work for programs on the desktop. They can't be moved to the trash or they will be deleted and that is the only option I can find. Anyone know how to add programs to the dock and remove them from the desktop? Thanks blind friends!!



Submitted by Ally on Wednesday, December 4, 2013

When you install apps, it's best to paste the app into the actual applications folder. That way you can delete the disk images from your desktop. Once the apps are in your applications folder, launch them by hitting command+down arrow. Once the program is launched, the icon of the program will show up in the dock. Simply go to it, hit vo+shift+m, and check the option that says show in dock. As for the apps on your desktop now, you should just be able to copy them by using command+c, going to the applications folder, and then hit command+option+v to move the app. I hope this helps.