Accessing Online PDF Content on a MacBookPro

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Hello, I would appreciate some assistance with a problem that I am having accessing Online Material. I have a MacBookPro, running OSX 10.9.2. Many of the Websites that I access on a daily basis publish additional research articles as Webpages in PDF format. It is these Online PDF pages that I cannot easily access. When I click on the link, Safari opens a new Tab but seldom gives me access to the new Webpage. I can navigate to and interact with the Tab name. It will announce that it is selected. When I then try to navigate to the area of HTML content, I either cannot locate it or I just hear the word "Dimmed". This is the same whether I open the link in a new Window or a New Tab. The Work Around that I am using is to download the link and then read it with Preview. This is slow and unnecessarily cumbersome. So, what am I missing? Are there add-on's, extensions for Safari or a Mac App I should try? Any advice greatly appreciated. Sea No Evil. PS. I have tried using Google Chrome but, whilst that opens the PDF Webpage, I am invariably told that the "Page is Blank".



Submitted by Seanoevil on Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hi Isaac, For me, this is a problem for nearly every Web Page with a URL that ends with PDF. Sea No Evil.

Submitted by Tim Hornik on Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Here is a solution to removing Adobe Reader as the default reader when viewing PDF's through Safari. I just did this on my Macbook Pro, and have done it on other Macs in the past.

Basically it has you entering into your system library, heading into Internet Plug in, deleting all Adobe Reader )2-3 I think) and restarting Safari.