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So when navigating text, what are the keyboard comands to navigate by word, charicter, things like that. I know how to do it with quick nav, but I am sure there is another way.



Submitted by Greg T Kelchner on Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hi, your question may have already been resolved… But I see nobody has replied so I thought I would answer. If you are in a text document using the arrow keys should work as follows… Pressing the up or down arrow keys without voiceover keys should navigate through the document line by line. Pressing the left and right arrow keys without any voiceover keys should navigate character by character. Using the left and right arrow keys in conjunction with the voiceover keys should allow you to navigate word by word. In some instances you may have to use the VoiceOver keys in conjunction with the left and right Arrow keys to navigate word by word. In these instances adding the shift key to the VO left and VO right arrow commands will read character by character. In situations like this it might behoove you to lock the voiceover keys with a control option;. This will in effect virtually hold down the voiceover keys for you at all times so you do not have to physically press them. But remember… If you want to enter text… You're going to have to unlock the voiceover keys first with control option; again. That command basically acts as a toggle. Accessing the VoiceOver help menu should also help you out. Go in to commands and read through the lists under navigation and text. Some of them work, some of them don't. Some of them it would seem are meant for a desk top computer (which you might be using) not me though... thanks Apple for differentiating. Be well, Greg