2 Mac questions want to come over from pc to Mac?

macOS & Mac Apps

I want to come over to Mac from windows But! Can you solve captcha on a web page? I can now with webvison using Firefox.
Also I do my reading of mail with open book. On the Mac does anything work as well?
Thanks for your help on helping me decide.



Submitted by Kent on Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I use Docuscan Plus made by Serotek on my Mac Mini. It is a very simple program and it seems to work well for me. You can also use it on a Windows machine as opposed to Openbook. Serotek will let you try a two week frre trial to see if you like it.

Submitted by Tree on Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Why don't you search this sight for your captcha question, I'm pretty sure I have heard of a mac app that works. Is there any reason that audio captchas won't work for you? Thats normally how I deal with them. As far as OCR I use fine reader. Its a hundred bucks and it does everything I need it to do and I'm a student. The bigest thing, as far as I am concerned, that you will have to get use to on the mac is the state of accessible pdf's on it. Things are doable, but sadly right now you get a much better experience on windows when it comes to pdf's. I love my mac though and will be replacing it with another one some day.

Submitted by Brother J. on Wednesday, July 16, 2014

In regards to CAPTCHA solving, there is absolutely no equivalent to WebVisum. I was an avid user of the add-on and even assisted to bring improvements which resulted in version 0.9.1. However, my machine is not in operation at the moment thus I am using Mac OS X. I have tried to register an account on the Rumola web site [I think the Safari extension is called Rumola but I am going off memory]. Every time I tried to register it said the extension must be installed although it was straight from the site. Moreover, that is not free like WebVisum; one must purchase credits after the five are used. This is a rip-off in my humble opinion; I do not care what anybody says. There is just no comparison to WebVisum and to make matters so much worse Firefox is not accessible on Mac OS X. The only method by which to circumvent this is to install Windows via Bootcamp Assistant, install Firefox on that partition then install WebVisum. I plan to do this as I have just installed Windows with sighted assistance.

In regards to the scanning of print materials, I have the same enquiry. I have read FineReader on the Mac app store is sufficient and I know Prizmo 2 exists but can not offer opinions on either. There is also another FineReader app along the name of FineReader Pro but again I can not speak on it. I used Kurzweil on Windows so the only thing I can suggest is to install Windows via Bootcamp Assistant and install all the Windows software you use at present. It will take me time to configure my Windows OS partition to how my non-operational machine is but at least I will be as close to having the best of both worlds as the phrase is known.

I hope all that helps.