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Hello, I have been using one password for a number of years. I recently upgraded my one password application to one password for for Mac. I have written the developers because I have run into a major problem when creating a login entry, there seems to be no way to access the password generator any more. I can see where to type the password, but no way to access the button for making the application generate a password. its like voiceover doesn't see this. upon accessing the item choser menu, I can see a password recipe button, but can not click on this button. this is what I wrote. How can we help? Hello: I am having an issue with the 1password 4 application using the password generator. I am a voiceover user on the mac, and when I go to create a new item, and I get to the password entry in the details table, I can't seem to find a way to access the password generator. I have a place to write the password, but no way to make a new entry and generate a new password. can this still be done? thank you. I have not heard from them so have resent the email. they just updated the application on dec 5, but there still seems to be no change. any ideas on this? thanks.



Submitted by John Trautschold on Friday, December 13, 2013

I just tested it and the password generator does pop up and Voiceover does properly vocalize it. It appears in the first row of the pop up menu. Remember that the new pop up menus are now contextual - in other words, they change depending on the current condition. If you are logging into a website that 1Password knows about, that first row of the pop up menu gives you the login info for the website. You will not see a line then for the password generator. If you are accessing a website that 1Password doesn't understand, then the first row of the pop up menu shows the password generator option. I did notice that I had to cursor down one row and then back up in order for Voiceover to vocalize "Password Generator". Once you are there just do the VO-Space command to select it and a new window opens that has a newly generated password in it. That window works similarly to the older 1Password 3 pop up. Hope that helps.

Submitted by Edward Alonzo on Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hello there. I am actually talking about opening the app not the 1password mini. is this what you were talking about? in the full app, upon creating a new entry, this is what happens.

Yes, I was talking about the mini that opens within Safari. So, I checked the app and I can get to the password field. I did notice that I needed to stop interacting with the name of the login field before I could get to the Username and password fields. After doing a Command-N to open a new login, I cursored over to the login name field, filled it in, then I stopped interacting with that field and entered one VO-cursor right command to get to the username field. I interacted with that field to get to the text field for entering the username. After entering the username I stopped interacting with that field. I then did another VO-cursor right to get to the password field and did the same thing there to get to the text field for entering a password. Hope that helps!

Submitted by Edward Alonzo on Sunday, December 15, 2013

Okay. I can get there too but what I can't get to is the password recipe button to have 1password generate a new password. or be able to change a password for a entry by setting up a new one.