VmWare Fusion and Ubuntu

Hi folks,
I'm trying to set up a virtual machine with the latest release of Ubuntu on it using VmWare Fusion. Problem is: I can't find out how to enable Orca right at the beginning.
Any hints?
Thanks in advance.


#1 Which flavor are you using?

It depends on witch distro you are using.

#2 I downloaded the standard

I downloaded the standard Ubuntu one from their official website.

#3 possible resource

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I'm also interested in installing Ubuntu, but was unsure of the accessibility of the installation. Have you tried this guide on the Ubuntu site? Accessibility - Community Help Wiki In the section where it describes how to enable Orca, it mentions how it can be started from the installation CD, login screen, or desktop by pressing Command Option S. Could this shortcut work in Fusion when installing or at the login screen if opting for an automatic, "Easy install?"

#4 I’ve tried command+option+s

I’ve tried command+option+s while installing Ubuntu 19.04 on fusion but it won’t work.

#5 option F2

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On another thread on this site, someone mentioned pressing option F2 and typing, "Orca," without the quotes. Does this work during installation?

#6 No, option+f2 during

No, option+f2 during installation doesn’t seem to work.

#7 Meet the Super Key

Hi Guys,
Ubuntu Desktop comes with Orca Screen Reader and you can turn that on any time by pressing Super Key+S.
Linux calls the Windows Key Super Key because it has nothing to do with Windows.
Ubuntu Server has absolutly no accessibility options but it is possible to install a screen reader but that is quite difficult and will require significant sighted help.
For server applications I'd suggest Talking Arch which is based on Arch Linux as opposed to Ubuntu which is Debian based.
If you'd simply like an accessible Linux Desktop experience that is absolutely amazing for blind and low vision users I'd suggest checking out Vinux which is developped and supported by a bunch of wacky and zaney blind folks. Vinux is based on Ubuntu so there are a billion things you can do but it's designed to be 100% accessible even using the Live Desktop and installation media. Vinux also checks packages before allowing them into their repositories for accessibility issues or performance in general.


#8 If Linux calls the Windows

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If Linux calls the Windows key the Super key, would pressing Command S on a Mac keyboard in Fusion work to enable Orca? At least in Windows, the Command key is the equivalent of the Windows key.

#9 still no luck

First of all, thanks for all your replies.
I've tried command+s as well, but nothing happens at all. I've tried downloading Ubuntu version 18.04.2: I've set up Fusion to use the Iso file as an installation disk, then click on finish.
After a while, I hear a drum sound: after that, pressing command+option+s or only command+s won't do anything whatsoever, or at least Orca won't speak.
Best regards.