Scanning an entire book

Hello all,
Does anyone have any suggestions for scanning an entire print book?
Thanks in advance.


#1 Scanning an Entire Book

The best way to scan a book, in my opinion, is to use a book scanner. A book scanner is a flatbed scanner with a special edge design; that is, the pannel where you place the book is completely flat, without any big or massive edge cover or protection so that shadows created between the space of the page and the pannel are eliminated. Plustek has done a good job in regard to book scanning.
I use a Plustek Opticbook 3900 and I'm really satisfied with it. If you are willing to spend money on a scanner, you could go for a better alternative, like the Opticbook 4800.
I don't recommend using KNFB Reader to scan books. It is impossible as a visually impaired user. You could have special devices that focus the camera of your device to the page, but you will never manage to achieve the results you could if you used a book scanner and a special software like ABBYY Fine Reader.

#2 re: Scanning an entire book

Another strategy I have known people to use is to cut off the binding of the book and feed the pages into an automatic sheet feed scanner. This can save an awful lot of time and effort but you do sacrifice the book and need a sheet fed scanner.