Questions about VMWare Fusion

Hi folks,
I have been using Bootcamp on a Macbook air for years, now I want to change to a virtual machine.
For those of you using VMware fusion, is it very friendly with voiceover? Is there any advice you can give?
Both win 10 and mac OS are the latest. Hmmm


#1 it is

Hi,I have been using vmware for over a year, and its fully accessible with voiceover. personally, I don't like to turn voiceover off when running a vertual machine, so I have a voiceover activity that turns trackpad and quicknav off completely while in vmware. Hth.W

#2 why do you now want a virtual machine?

Bootcamp works great for me. it's free, and VMWare Fusion is paid. what is so wrong with Bootcamp?unless you want to share files between windows and macOS? also, you need quite a bit of RAM for a virtual machine as you're sharing resources between both operating systems.