PowerPC support petition

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We the people of the PowerPC Mac community, in order to get a more perfect computing experience, and in order to allow for more consideration of hardware, request that app support be continued.
It has been a horrible time for the users of this hardware, because apps have been going out.
For example, iTunes ® has stopped allowing PowerPC peeps to run it, and now demands an "Intel" processor! Aint nobody got time for that! What could really be different about iTunes than just the UI? and Skype, another big one! These people have been stuck with freekin skype 2.8 for the past 2 years (since 2010)! This is abominable! I understand that this is older hardware that I am talking about, but look at Windblows! iTunes still runs on XP, the latest version of Skype still runs on XP, all the day-to-day apps still run on XP! and, to get a better look at the OS perspective, look at Windblows 2000, which went out of extended support 3 years ago this july! People are still, making, updates to the thing, and it is still widely used in the workplace!
What  has done, is throw us out in the cold, and that wasn't a good move at all on there part in my opinion! I will take care when buying my next  product, ensuring that it will have an even longer life than my 3 PowerPC Macs have already had.
Stephen Toth
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