Does Anyone Have Experience Using 3D Printing Software with a Screen Reader?

hello Apple Vis,
i had a question i was curious about.
Has anyone used any 3D printing software? If so, how was the screen reader usability and experience.
This was something i was curious to know about.
Thanks in advance.


#1 Not sure if it is possible,

App Developer

Not sure if it is possible, since setting the whole thing seems to me quite visual.

#2 I figured

I figured that was the case. i'm an Engineering person. Which that was my biggest concern. Right now i'm out of college due to financial aid problems, but my Majors are CIT and Mechanical Engineering. I've always been good with math. so that's why I chose the Engineering Field.

#3 Re: Using 3-D printers

I replied to Chuck off list about other resources for blind people in STEM areas and producing 3-D prints. If others are interested they should go to:

and type "Hoby" into the search field. You will find interviews with a blind person working on his Ph.D. in computational chemistry who uses a 3-D printer to produce solid versions of molecules he is studying, with braille text showing the bond length on each bond. One can also type "science" or "STEM" to find other episodes of interest to people studying science.

Hope that helps someone.


#4 command line based 3d prinitng software

I don't think it's a lost cause. I'm pretty sure I've heard of command-line based 3d printing software, which should definitely be accessible.

#5 What are some examples?

What are some examples of 3d Printing Command line software? also will it work on Mac OS, or would I need to look into Windows? If so, is there a tutorial anywhere on creating a bootable flash drive? M computer does not have enough space to run Windows.

#6 A question for Pete

Hi Pete,
i got your contact message, but some reason I can't find it on the site.
You mind commenting a link to the iTunes Podcasts so I can subscribe to it? I'minterested in knowing more about this.