Changing VoiceOver language quickly in macOS

I´m looking for a way to quickly change the language of VoiceOver using a macBook Pro (Sierra version 10.12.6). By "quickly" I mean something like an rotor option as it is available in iOS or a keyboard shortcut that would not require me to change settings in the VoiceOver program every time I encounter a different web page. My native language is German, and I´m currently studying in English at a Finnish university so language changes are part of my everyday life.
Any help is very appreciated!


#1 VO + Command + Shift and the arrow keys

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Hi Rodja
This is Soren from Denmark writing. I often change my voiceover language setting and I do this by using the shortcut VO + Command + Shift and the arrow keys. This is the shortcut to the voiceover rotor and you can change speed, language, tonality and much more.
Regards Soren

#2 Hi Soren,

Hi Soren,
thanks a lot! I had not realised so far that you can change languages in the "voice"-category of this rotor. It´s really convenient to know this now.