Audacity keyboard shortcuts

Hi all,

I'm trying to edit an MP3 file with the latest screenreader version of Audacity on the Mac. All the keyboard shortcuts and commands work fine accept the seek back and forward commands, which should be the left and right arrow keys, or the comma and full stop keys. I can't seem to get this to work properly. I have checked in keyboard preferences and they're definitely set correctly, and they're definitely coded correctly in the .xml file.

With a bit of playing around, I've discovered that if I import the file and then leave the voiceover focus at where it lands when the file was imported, which seems to be the "tool dock scroll area", the commands work, but if I move the voiceover cursor at all then they stop working, and moving the focus back to the tool dock doesn't start them working again, which basically means I can't move the VO cursor at all while editing. The file I'm editing is an hour long and I need to cut certain parts out, so these commands are pretty important.

Does anyone know if there's something I need to do in order to get this to work consistently? I did email this to the Audacity for blind mailing list a couple of times but got no response. I've tried moving the mouse pointer to different parts of the screen, and I also tried turning voiceover off, but none of that has worked either.

Thanks for any help.


#1 Having the same issue. This

Having the same issue. This really needs to be resolved. Posted on the Audacity help forum a few days ago. No response.