MacOS Catalina right click question

I hope I am doing this correctly. I want to know how can I delete or remove items in safari favourites bar. I have a Mac book pro with MacOS catalina on it, but I cannot remove items in safaris favourites bar. I have tried to right click on that item that I want to remove or delete from the favourites bar but it does not want to work. Can someone please assist me with this problem??


What happens if you remove

What happens if you remove them from the favorites or book marks bar in that section of the manage book marks section?


App Developer

Control-click is the same as right click.
However, all you need to do to bring up a context menu in most cases is use vo-shift-m.

Right click

The VO + shift + M don't want to work. When I am pressing it then it just gives me a Bing sound. It don't want to open the right click list of contents


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I just tried it.
I interact with the Safari favorites bar and move vo to an item. The following commands bring up a context menu:
1. Rout mouse to vo and control-click.
2. vo-shift-m.
3. vo-command-space show menu.

The Voiceover cursor must be on an item for anything to work. Are you moving vo to an item with vo-arrows?