mac vs. iPad

I have an iPhone 4s. Would I be better off buying a new iPad or a MacBook thank you.


that depends

hi, that is to simple a question. because it really depends on what you want out of it. what will you be looking to do on either system? how much money have you to spare? how portable do you want a computer? are you traveling a lot? all these things need to be answered, before an answer as to what device will work for you can be answered. in terms of just pure cost, an iPad would be better. in terms of accessing file systems and doing some of the other stuff OSx can do, obviously a mac will be better. in terms of portability? nothing beets the iPad. so yeah, you need to define your usage of such a machine, before an answer can be provided as to what would work.

It Depends

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That really depends, and will be difficult to answer. If you have an iPhone, then the iPad cannot do much your phone cannot already do, and would be useful only as a secondary device. Yes, the iPad has some advantages, but for blind people it is mostly redundant, I feel. A Mac is a whole different animal. It has the ability to run applications from anyone, is much more powerful, has full keyboard support, can take thumb drives and other removable storage, and more. The Macbook Air starts at about twice the price of an iPad, though, so keep that in mind. So, to answer you better, we need to know what you plan to use the iPad or Mac for, what your budget is, if you are married to the idea of a Mac or if Windows is an option, and anything else you can tell us about your situation.

mac vs. iPad

I would like a device that is portable that I will be able to do things such as write documents and use with a Braille display.


ok. i would personally say, you would be just as good looking at an iPad, as a mac for that. though i have no idea what a braille display would be like on iOS, the hole document writing and all that would not be a problem. you can now get pages for free. so for portability, i'd say grab either an iPad air, or an iPad mini. have not long ordered my very first iPad mini. it will be the first tablet i have ever had. but in terms of portability and battery life, and also still able to do a lot on it, the iPads are a good option. of course, this would mean having to use a wireless keyboard, to type documents with. so if you do not like the idea of having to carry a keyboard of some type with you, then perhaps the macbook air would be a better option. still very light, yet more full featured with keyboard and trackpad.

It depends

Hello, I think it all depends on what you want to use it for. Personally, I own both devices, and I use them at different times, so if that's a possible option, you could just get both. Like other people have stated, it all depends if you want something that's really light and portable, or something a bit more powerful and computer operating system-like. I'm guessing you currently have a PC, so if you buy a Mac, it'll take some time getting use to VoiceOver. If you buy an iPad, the same gestures and commands that you use on the iPhone 4S will apply. ON a Mac, however, you can instal Microsoft Windows, just in case you need it.

But You Have an iPhone…

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In your post, you said you have an iPhone. What I'm wondering about is this: if you want a portable device on which you can type documents, why not use that phone you already have? Add a bluetooth keyboard and you have the same functionality an iPad would give you, albeit with less battery life. Again, a Mac is a full computer, so can do a lot that a phone or tablet cannot, but at twice the price of an iPad Air and almost three times the price of an oPad Mini. As others have said, if you are coming from Windows, there is a learning curve and it could take weeks before you are comfortable on the Mac, likely months before you feel like you currently feel while using Windows.

Agreed. I can't wait to get

Agreed. I can't wait to get my very first tablet myself. I also have a Macbook Pro so have the best of both worlds. Good luck in whatever you do.

Mac Vs. iPad

If I buy a MacBook, is there a document or guide that lists jaws for windows commands followed by the Mac equivalent? Could I replace a traditional notetaker with an iPad or MacBook and a Braille display?

yes, pages is free,

hi. yes, pages is free. but only if you have just purchased a new iOS device. if you are looking from a previously owned iDevice, it will cost you money. but i'm guessing, that if you purchased a new iOS device, and it gave all the apps it does now for free, they would then be free for all your devices.