Mac and IOS question.

Hi all, this covers two things, the twitter app official one, and the other is about Safari on the Mac. First IOS I hadn't opened the twitter app in awhile. When I did I saw something that said swipe timeline to see what's new. Thinking it was just something i had to click on, I did but I can't get back to the regular feed and mentions and things. Is there a way to get past this? Second, on the Mac if you open a new tab, how do you close the first window? Like google and amazon, but you want to get over to the google window to close it. command accent doesn't seem to wrk. any help would be great. thanks.


#1 Safari: Control-Tab

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In Safari on Mac, control-tab moves forward from tab to tab. Add shift to move back by tabs. Command-w closes the current tab.

#2 Chek out the Twitter post.

Hello, As for Safari, whatMehgcap says. With regards to your IOS Twitter question, check out the Twitter Forum here: Comment 74, AnonyMouse explains how to proceed after updating. HTH Sea No Evil.

#3 Twitter Swipe

Have you tried a three finger sideways swipe? When I tried the Twitter app for the first time since a recent update, I had to do this to get through the new introductory screens. Sometimes when an app says to swipe, I forget that a VO swipe isn't the same as a non-VO swipe.

#4 Thank you to all.

Hi all. I didn't know about the control tab, thanks to that person. As for the twitter app, I went in again, ti was still running in the switcher, and evrything showed upfine. I appreciate the help.