Zoom Accessibility Issues

Low Vision Accessibility on Apple Products

Dear AppleVis Team

I am writing to ask for some help and a solution to my issues with the Zoom features.

There are 4 separate but interrelated issues which are causing significant problems and making it very difficult for me to work.

The issues are as follows:

Issue 1. Panning: When panning whilst reading something in the notes app / Pages applications it will move the focus to the top left or right or the bottom. It does this spontaneously. It does this whilst the keyboard is active. Most distinctive on the iPhone happens all the time with the notes app.

Issue 2. Editing: When in editing mode e.g, if I want to try and edit a typo or just move the insertion point to a different location the insertion point moves very quickly. There is no control anymore.

Issue 3 - Selecting: similar to above no control whilst selecting e.g a word, line or paragraph

Issue 4 - Double Tap Selection: The screen will move around and the word will not be selected. This only happens sometimes but still an issue

For the above 4 issues occur when the keyboard is active and the zoom is being used (zoomed in).

I have spoken with the accessibility team who referred me to tech support. Since this time I have spoken with many senior advisors, technical support online and in store. Howrvever, I still have the same issues. We have tried everything to resetting settings to restoring the devices to setting up as new several times. Nothing has changed.

Videos and data sent to engineers via senior advisor, store also seen issues. Devices were replaced to eliminate hardware issues but unfortunately still the same issues.

I am quite upset as I have waited for 3 updates spanning over several months with the same issues still present in iOS 10.3.3. I am not happy as no one is looking into this properly so waiting for the next software update will not make a difference if the bug is not identified and resolved.

In the Apple Store other devices had the same problems so I know it is not just my devices.

I would please like it to be looked into as I heavily rely on zoom to work and use my devices.

Thank you



Submitted by Cab on Sunday, July 30, 2017

I'm in the same boat, and frustrated over the fact that Zoom issues get so little attention. I've lost count of the number of bugs I've reported. It seems to me that rather than continuously improving Zoom, the developers are only doing something with Zoom whenever some new feature gets added, and in that case they hopefully get some bugs fixed while they're at it.

iOS 11 is on its way, and they have given some attention to the invert colours feature, so I am just hoping they have done something more with Zoom too, and preferably not introducing new critical bugs.


Submitted by Asemah on Sunday, July 30, 2017

Hello Daniel

Thank you for your reply, I have reported it to the accessibility team again via their email. However, they don't seem to do anything if other users don't report. There are many VI users so not sure why they do not look into these issues and resolve them.

it would be good if you can email them too if you haven't already? I'm just worried if they are not aware or don't look into it iOS 11 will still have same zoom problems. Also you should tell them the other issues you have noticed with the zoom or other accessibility and they usually will look into it.

iOS 11 invert colours update sounds good esp if it lets you see images in real colours just inverting the text. :)