Visor - low vision aid app for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

Low Vision Accessibility on Apple Products

Visor is a low vision app for iPhone, iPad und iPod touch. It turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a hand held low vision aid. Visor uses the built in high quality camera of your device to zoom, enlarge and invert text. It has the potential to substitute all conventional low vision video magnifiers.
Visor is very easy to use: there are 3 buttons, a large yellow one to zoom the camera image by 4 magnification levels: 2x, 3x, 5x & 8x.

All zoom levels can be combined with 3 color modes (normal, high contrast, white text on black background). These color modes can be activated by tapping on a smaller blue button. The third button is a red one. It turns on the LED light. Its very helpful especially in low light conditions. By simply tapping on the screen, the camera image gets focussed. Holding the tap on the screen for a few seconds activates the auto focus.

You can download visor - low vision aid on the AppStore:

More information about visor on or follow us on @seevisor