text-only zoom in a web browser in IOS?

Low Vision Accessibility on Apple Products

Many of you may have used Firefox. It is a web browser with a key feature -- you can use the mouse roller to zoom the text, while leaving the page/window width and images unchanged. Those of us with moderate vision problems find it an essential feature, allowing us to read content quickly at huge font sizes without needing to scroll each line back and forth sideways. And the adjustable zoom means that the magnification level can be easily adjusted and fine-tuned to get exactly what we can see. .. Unfortunately, We don't have any good Text-only zoom (word wrap) options for web browsing on IOS or for emails and other tasks. For IOS there is only Opera, which locks you into a single level of magnification. A pinch-to-magnify text web browser seems not to exist. The built-in option in Safari works sometimes, but often or mostly not. Does anyone know of another solution that allows fluid zooming of text-only on web pages or mail?
Without such a tool, we are forced to use the screen zoom features, which leave content out of sight off the sides of the screen....20 years after text-only zoom was invented!

Thanks in advance for your ideas!