Strategies for Finding Cursor on Mac

Low Vision Accessibility on Apple Products

I am interested to know if anyone is aware of any audio options to help a patient with a small visual field find where their cursor is located on the screen. The person I was speaking with is aware of how to enlarge the cursor, but that only helps if the cursor is within their visual field. I wasn't aware of any way to set this up, or software that allows you to do this, but I wanted see if anyone had any ideas. Thanks!



Submitted by ablindview on Thursday, November 25, 2021

There's an app in the App Store that may meet your needs. Check out Simple Mouse Locator ( to see it this will work. It does not make any noise but does perform animation to help in locating the pointer. The cost is $2.99 in the US store. I also have 'tunnel' vision but the built in features (larger pointer, shaking the mouse to make pointer even larger for a moment) work well for me. I hope this helps.