Picture-in-picture Zoom - How to Adjust Magnification (Not Size of Box) in Big Sur OS

Low Vision Accessibility on Apple Products

Hi All.

I've upgraded & most things are working well but I cannot find a way to adjust the picture-in-picture zoom display. I can adjust the size of the actual box itself by selecting the advanced then pressing adjust size & location button.

What I can't do is make the magnification of what is inside that box any bigger - it makes the text a tiny bit bigger, but not big enough. I seem to remember a previous OS having a scale that could be adjusted manually to allow the text within the box to be enlarged. Anyone know how to do this on Big Sur?



Submitted by sonofdiabetesdad on Friday, April 9, 2021

while i only just got a computer that i can use big sur with so i have limited experience if its not in the settings it might not be possible. https://support.apple.com/guide/mac-help/use-accessibility-features-mh3…. thats a link to the apple guide on accessibility features in big sur.

A lot of times apple just randomly takes out features people like if people complain sometimes they put it back but usually not. with apple its their way or no way.