new M1 mac mini big sur change resolution

Low Vision Accessibility on Apple Products

So i purchased a brand new mac mini for my dad who has diabetes related vision problems. on his old mac mini we had the resolution set very small like i think 640 x 480 or something so the screen was huge so he could see it.

Now on the new mini with big sur it looks like you cannot have separate resolutions for different users. my mom also uses this same mac and does not need that adjustment. besides removing a lot of the older screen resolutions if i check 720p on the monitor he has im not sure if 1. that will be big enough and 2. if my mom won't try and change it.

I know about zoom in the accessibility settings and its something that needs to be turned on with key presses and he will never remember how to do it. also we tried it with the old mac and he liked having a smaller resolution better then zooming in.

i just finished setting it up and doing a software update so maybe apple will have changed it back? anyone who has a similar issue and used screen resolution to make the screen really big how have you adjusted to the newer macs and os's?



Submitted by sonofdiabetesdad on Friday, April 9, 2021

so it turns out he was using the zoom feature. i thought he had it set to a smaller resolution. i still think there should be some other feature besides zooming the whole screen. for example i can see fine but have issues if im sitting further back from the screen because of my two different eyes(both near and far). using zoom for me would be silly but i would like to make text and windows a bit bigger.