Issues When Using VoiceOver and Zoom Together

I’ve noticed recently that the voiceover functions and Zoom function seem to be conflicting with each other. While trying to read an article using a voiceover function a square pops up saying “zoom enabled” and then it stops reading to me. I’ve also noticed that in certain apps the zoom Square pops up and then the app crashes. Is anyone else experiencing this issue.


Zoom + VoiceOver

This is something I’ve gotten so used to that I pretty much ignore it. The “Zoom Enabled” box appears randomly. I’ve not had it crash apps, but it does appear when I enable VoiceOver since I have Zoom constantly on & just use the 3 finger double tap to activate it.


So, Apple is aware of the issue? It’s a bit of a bummer and it makes getting through grad school a bit difficult.

Not as such, but...

I haven't had an issue with the zoom menu coming up, but I have noticed in IOS 13 Zoom functions not consistently working whether I have Voiceover on or not. Actually with VO on it doesn't work even a little bit anymore. Zoom just seems to be frequently broken.

Also. Speak screen

The issue I’m having also occurs while using the speak screen feature. Basically it starts reading to me and then the zoom and able to square pops up and it just hearts it’s starting to become quite annoying. How can we bring Apple’s attention to this issue?

Speak Screen Zoom enabled

The issue needs to be reproducible across multiple devices with each device as up to date as possible. Once it’s reproduced, a bug can be filed. If the bug is making devices unusable, I send the bug number with an e-mail directly to Accessibility to direct them to the bug. This does not guarantee the issue will be resolved in any timely manner. But it does get the information to the people who can fix it.


And now I know that. Thanks