Issues Using Low Vision Accessibility Features on 15" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar with a Dock or monitor

Low Vision Accessibility on Apple Products

Due to a long stream of issues that I was having with the Dell laptop I was given at my new job (Magic was one of the big ones), IT decided to give me a MacBook Pro with touch bar to work on. I already use a MacBook Pro in my personal life because of the built in zoom feature that doesn't slow things down like Magic does on Windows PCs. So, everyone docks their laptops using a USB-C cable into a Dell docking station (model D6000) and the monitor that is also plugged into the dock is a Dell 27" monitor (September of 2018). When I connect the MacBook to the dock with the USB-C, the display will mirror, but the accessibility settings will not carry over. For instance, if I set the colors to be inverted, they will invert on the MacBook display only. When I use the zoom feature, it will kind of zoom on the monitor, but it only zooms a box the size of the MacBook monitor, plus the screen and mouse lag. I am trying to figure out the cause of the accessibility features not mirroring like the regular display does. Is it the dock or the monitor? Must I use an Apple brand monitor? I could only find posts here about Voiceover issues so far.