iPhone 13 Pro Max accessibility zoom too sensitive

Low Vision Accessibility on Apple Products

Since I upgraded from a XS Max, I found the zoom accessibility feature to be way too sensitive. The screen move way too fast the minute I touch it. Anyone else? I never had this issue on any of my iPhones before and I'm coming from the same back up as well.



Submitted by Peter Holdstock on Thursday, October 14, 2021

This is perhaps linked to a known issue in iOS 15 where users screens are becoming unresponsive or acting erratically. There are reports from users of other iPhones and not just the iPhone 13 range of models. In some cases, including myself until the release of the latest iOS 15.1 beta for, meant that touching the screen to wake the phone didn’t work. I don’t use VoiceOver but not zoomand I find sometimes the cursor will jump through another part of the screen or something will be activated which I did not double tap on. If anyone is having these issues, please report them to Apple