Introducing HI VIZ - a High Visibility Keyboard App for Visual Impairment and Low Vision

Low Vision Accessibility on Apple Products

High Viz Keys is a Keyboard for Visually Impaired iPad users.

This Keyboard is designed to assist Low Vision with High Contrast Colors:
It has 2 day modes and 2 night modes:
- Day mode is yellow/white letters on black keys.
- Night mode is black letters on yellow/white keys.

Please watch the app trailer,

-> The Keys use very Large Fonts size for Clarity

-> The keys are large for more accurate typing.

-> You can skip letters to the right or left, to amend a word instead of re-typing it.

-> All-in-One design - Change only the number bar to punctuation, no need to switch whole keyboard to look for a number.

-> Easy Access Caps, Swipe up on the actual letter key, no need to press the shift key.

-> Delete Word by Word by swiping the Delete key to the left.

-> There is a Built in Large Print emailer, choose between 4 large sizes, you can type your message in huge letters and review it before sending it to your iPad's email app.

To find out more about the HI VIZ Keyboard App, we include below, a video demonstration, the App page and our site address:

Link to YouTube video that shows how the App / Keyboard Works:

HI VIZ address on Apple iTunes:…

More about Us:

We hope you love it as much as we do!

Thank you.